Hey there. Isabel here- lover of health and food because 1. Its tasty and 2. It gives me the fuel to hustle harder each new day.

I am a Registered Dietitian who doesn’t like to take nutrition to seriously. I’ve been through the obsession of scrutinizing anything I consumed and in the end I just felt worn out and exhausted. Mother Earth has been so overly generous to provide us with a plethora of options we can use to sustain ourselves, yet we end up either throwing it all away for some concoction of chemicals and mysterious ingredients or by limiting our diet to forever shifting food trends. In reality we live among abundant ingredients that can be rearranged in a million ways to not only creates something delicious and keeps us thriving, but connects us with each other and allows us to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

So come celebrate food with me! You will get to experience the whole spectrum of my brain frequencies from the nerdy stuff (did some one say probiotics?) to the “I’m having a rough week lets make some treats” feel good stuff. Its bound to be a good time.


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